Versvs is an international rapper and lyricist who has collaborated with artists previously signed to Shady Records including Royce Da 5″9′ and KXNG Crooked. Versvs has also opened for Tyga and placed top spots in multiple global music competitions. Most recently, Versvs collabed and toured with Italy’s bigger rapper Clementino and will be releasing a EP featuring Italy’s biggest artists including En?gma. He can speak four different languages fluently – Italian, French, Spanish and English. But his favorite form of communication is through music, and his natural talent is undeniable.

His first album was released in 2018 titled “Time Will Tell” featuring KXNG Crooked, gaining global recognition. In September 2020, Versvs released his second album titled “Invisible” featuring Royce Da 5″9′, King Los and Futuristic. Versvs has also become well-known throughout the industry for freestyles and remixes of popular songs with lyrics that connect with fans all over the world.

Keeley Russell

Nova Scotia born singer/songwriter/musician Keeley Russell, is best known for her powerhouse vocal performances & bold personality. She is an artist with true potential to cross borders as Canada’s next mega pop star.

She strives to pen the most authentic art by drawing inspiration from real events in her life. Her performances leave her fans captivated by her signature over-the-top vocal delivery.

Keeley has worked with top industry people throughout her musical journey, including Marty Dodson, Simon Reid, and the late Rockabilly Hall of Famer, Jim Pierce.
She has a close working relationship with Calgary’s Industry Person Of the Year 2020, Grant Howarth. Keeley has been regularly working with Grant, since March 2021.

Keeley released her first independent single, Losing Game, to streaming platforms in January 2022. Losing Game has been featured on The Raven 89.2 Edmonton radio station in January 2022, as well as For McMurray’s Mix radio in February 2022. She was signed by Kulinary Records in October 2022 as part of a team of artist who includes Versvs.

The Chef2k

Creator and owner of Kulinary Records with a vision to help artists excel to new heights. The chef is also an artist himself creating a diverse range of hip hop steming from hardship struggles to upbeat positive vibes.